Sabtu, 25 Juli 2015

What Kind of Job I Want After I Graduate From University?

                My name Yovan Widiyanto, I was 22 years old. a graduate student majoring in computer systems, computer systems What is it? The computer system is divided into two words, namely Systems and Computers.
The computer system is an electronic network that consists of software and hardware that perform a specific task (accept input, process the input, store commands, and provides output in the form of information). Moreover, it can also be interpreted as elements related to running an activity using a computer.Computers can help people in their daily work, the work such as: word processing, numeric processing, and image processing.

Elements of the computer system is composed of human (brain ware), software (software), the instruction set (instruction set) and hardware (hardware). Thus these components are the elements involved in a computer system. Of course, the hardware does not mean anything if no one of the other two (software and brain ware).

While understanding of computer hardware is a single unit or hardware that helps people to complete a task or job that can not be solved by man. Thus, the idea Computer System itself is a collection of some of the hardware (hardware) and software (software) that are interconnected with one another to help people complete the work can not be done by humans. But in everyday life, Computer System itself can be interpreted as an electronic network that consists of software and hardware that perform the desired task or command by humans as accept input, process the input, store data, and displays the output in the form of information, Moreover, it can also be interpreted as elements associated with running the activities with the use of a computer.

Learning Computer Systems currently in great demand by people in the world. This is because a lot of people who use computer technology and use it for things that are positive or beneficial. The computer itself Popular era.With computer technology today, people can do the job and can save the results of his work (in the form of files) and can exchange information quickly with the help of a technology called the internet. With the Internet, people can exchange information from one person to another even though some people very long distances. Therefore, the computer is needed especially in the world of office.

After I graduated from university I want to be a computer network engineer, in this field, majoring in computer system needed to be able to have expertise in the design and maintenance of hardware and software for computer networks. Network Engineers usually have a college degree or higher. They may have had internships or specialty projects within the Network Design and Engineering field.There often entry level positions start, with increasing responsibility and specialization as you acquire years of experience and specialty certifications.

Network engineers typically promoted to senior level engineers and may focus extensively on specialty areas such as design, performance optimization or network security. Compensation for Network Engineers is excellent. Many jobs that pay above in the field of IT Network Engineering. Some of the highest paying certifications in the field of information technology within the network.

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