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Bekasi City

Bekasi city is a city located in the province of West Java, Indonesia. Bekasi name comes from the word that means the same as bagasasi candrabaga inscription written in the monument, which is the name of the river that passes through this town. The city is now in the neighborhood of mega Jabodetabek and became the fourth major cities in Indonesia. Currently Bekasi City developed into residential urban and industrial centers. Bekasi city is also dubbed as the city patriot and fighter city.

Lalu lintas Jl. Ahmad Yani, Jembatan Jl. Cut Meutia, Kota Harapan Indah, Mal Metropolitan 

HistoryBekasi past was the capital of the Kingdom Tarumanegara as Dayeuh Sundasembawa or Jayagiri. In this city of origin Tarusbawa Maharaja, the founder of the Kingdom of Sunda Sunda lowered kings until the 40th generation that is Queen Ragumulya, the last ruler of Padjadjaran.In the colonial Dutch East Indies, Bekasi is one kewedanaan in District Meester Cornelis, who belongs to the region of Batavia En Omelanden residency. At that time, people's lives are still controlled by the Chinese landlords. This condition continued until the Japanese military occupation. Japanese military occupation alter society at that time. Japan implemented Japanisasi in all sectors of life. Regenschap Meester Cornelis be Ken Jatinegara whose territory includes Cikarang Gun, Gun Gun Kebayoran and Matraman. In 1950, the District Meester Cornelis (Jatinegara) changed its name to the Bekasi. And Bekasi City is a district of Bekasi Regency are then developed and upgraded in 1982 to the administrative city of Bekasi. Bekasi city at that time consisted of four districts, namely East Bekasi districts, South Bekasi Barat, Bekasi and North, and includes 18 villages and eight villages. In 1996 the administrative city of Bekasi back upgraded to a municipality (now "the city").

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