Sabtu, 25 Juli 2015

Red Island beaches: Kuta Beach Bali Has Rivals

 Pantai Pulau Merah: Pantai Kuta Bali Memiliki Saingan
         One more world-class surfing destination presented in Banyuwangi, not the G-land (Plengkung) but this named Red Island Beach. This beach has advantages compared to G-land that does not have a lot of rock like so Plengkung Red Island safer beach for surfers including beginners. This beach has another characteristic, namely the existence of a high hill 200 meters in front of the beach-like beaches in Brazil.           Red Island beaches like Kuta Beach in Bali but more rolling waves (up to two meters long and 300 meters), where it allows surfers to maneuver with tubes technique. Waves in red Island Beach can certainly be a destination of surfers beginners, amateurs and professionals as it has on average in height of two meters. This differs from the beach Plengkung or G-Land are just more professional surfers enjoyed.
            Red Island earlier name is Pitu Ringin Beach. Change of name to Red Island is based on two versions. Some say because of the color of reddish soil and sand of the island as high as 200 meters. Some are mentioned, purportedly from the Red Island is in front of a beach (approximately 100 meters) that was once emitted red light so that local residents renamed it Red Island.           Another attraction of this beach is located adjacent to the fishing village Pancer. You can also take advantage of the residents to stay home, feel the friendliness and simplicity of fishermen will be a different experience than usual.

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