Sabtu, 25 Juli 2015

Japanese bunker


Japanese bunker is located in the town of Bukittinggi was built by the Indonesian people through forced labor under pressure from Japanese soldiers who occupied Indonesia from 1942 to 1945. The underground bunker has a length of 1,470 meters and is 40 meters below the canyon Sianok. There are 21 tunnels in the bunker which is used to store ammunition, shelter, meeting rooms, a detention room, dining room, kitchen, courtrooms, torture, spy room, ambush room, and a gate to escape. Exploring the complex of tunnels and caves is a real adventure.

You can see how this place into a fortress strong. The tunnel has a diameter of three meters and the walls were so thick that sound out there can not be heard. This includes extensive tunnel, nearly two hectares, and have six doors. One door is located in Panorama Park while others are on the way to the canyon Sianok.

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