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Selasa, 30 Desember 2014

Letter 5 : Business Opportunities for Students

Lately young people as many students who want to plunge into the world of business. Creativity and ideas - a brilliant business ideas are emerging from their average - average still young. Some young entrepreneurs who was a student has demonstrated their success in proving their independence.

But that is a pity, not all students have the same confidence and courage to try the business opportunities that exist. There are still a lot of students who prefer working partime as employees direstoran, cafe or follow the event - a specific event that requires employees rather than trying to run a business. They still think that running a business would disrupt the lecture is being taken. When in fact many side business that can be run without disturbing the students that they are following the lecture schedule.

Additionally kepikiran with schedules collide, the students also always use the excuse not to have huge capital to run their business. Actually, a lot of business opportunities that do not require capital sideline great, here are some examples of business opportunities for students to try co - who is looking for a business:

1. Business language translation services
For students who have language skills can try translation services business both online and offline. Translation services are still much sought other fellow students in doing the lecture. You can start this business environments ranging from fellow students.

2. Online Business
One business that can try the students are online business opportunities. Because this business is not capital intensive, as it only requires a laptop or computer and the internet that has become part of the student. In addition, online businesses also have flexible working time, they can run the business after coming home from college.

3. Business electrical pulses
Business electrical pulses are also often used as a side business students. This is evidenced by the number of pulses conter walk among the students, just by using the chips they've been able to serve the demand balance for all providers. This business also has good prospects, because of the high demand for pulse is derived from the young people including students.

4. Business in accordance with the hobby
From hobbyists who occupied the students it can also generate profits if taken seriously into a business. For example, many female students who like to be creative with knick - knacks and accessories for women to seriously pursue his hobby to create a boutique accessories. Another example is for the students majoring in electronics that have a hobby tooling - tweaking electronic repair tool, can at it by opening the service business service electronic device. In addition to the business example above, there are many business opportunities for students who can run.

key to Success
Things to remember the students when they try a business is serious in business. Before you run a business you want, you should specify the division between lecture schedule with running a business. So the business that you run not only taken seriously when free time alone.

After finding the division schedule is right for you and your business will be run, you should select business opportunities that match your interests or talents. So you can enjoy your field of business and do not feel obtain additional burden of the business. Look for information on all things concerned with the areas of the business to be run, from the equipment needed, much capital should be prepared, and specify the target market of your business.

Many businesses can be run co - which still existed as a student, hopefully with some examples of businesses that have been discussed can be used as a business idea for students. It is time that young people who began to work with his efforts. Good luck and greetings successful.

Letter 4 : The origin of a Tempe

          Unlike other traditional soy foods which usually comes from China or Japan, tempeh originated from Indonesia. It is unclear when making tempeh begins. However, this traditional food has been known since centuries ago, especially in the Java community order food culture, especially in Yogyakarta and Surakarta. In chapter 3 and chapter 12 manuscripts Fiber Centhini with Java settings of the 16th century (Fiber Centhini itself was written in the early 19th century) has found the word "tempeh", for example, with the mention of the name of the dish jae Santen tempeh (a type of tempeh dishes with coconut milk) and kadhele srundengan tempeh. This and other available historical records indicate that it may at first be produced from black soybean tempeh, derived from the traditional rural communities of Java-may be developed in the area of Mataram, Central Java, and developed before the 16th century.

                The word "tempe" probably derived from the Old Javanese language. In the days of ancient Javanese are white foods made from corn starch called tumpi. Tempe fresh white also appear to have in common with the tumpi food.
In addition, there are references to the tempeh from 1875 in a dictionary Javanese-Belanda.Sumber Others say that making tempeh begins during the era of the Cultivation in Java. At that time, the Java community was forced to use the results of the yard, such as cassava, yams and soybeans, as a source of food. In addition, there is also the notion that tempeh may be introduced by Chinese people who produce such foods, namely soybean koji fermented using Aspergillus. Furthermore, the technique of making tempeh spread throughout Indonesia, in line with the deployment of the Java community that migrated to all parts of the country.

Letter 3 : Never break through rail crossings

The importance we maintain traffic order. broke through the railway crossing is very often seen in all major cities. for example, in Jakarta alone. Events vehicle broke through rail crossings that occur in Plastica. Car tanker carrying oil materials in contact with the commuter line KRL Serpong-Tanah Abang purpose in crossing Telok Betong, Pondok Ranji. noon. time of the incident, immediately panicked passengers scrambling out. There is a train that broke the glass. Explosions sounded several times at the scene. Hysterical passenger train, running scrambled away from the scene. Trains also seen overturned. As a result of the incident, KRL be dropped off the track, the first train is a special train women (KKW) burning and it is certain that events would interfere with another train. KRL unknown number of passengers were injured, even machinist and engineer KRL passengers died and several KRL.
Incidents like this do not happen again if all road users comply with applicable regulations. No rush when the train passed through the door and put the drive train as the train is running on its rails.
Despite repeated accidents at crossings, the fact that there are still many people do not realize the risk of passing the level crossings. When the siren was sounded railway crossings but there are still some road users still pass when the siren goes off as a sign of the train will soon pass. Actually, if users want to be patient highway briefly then accidents at crossings can be avoided.
Impatient behavior highway users become one of the causes of accidents at crossings, in addition to causing congestion that often occurs. Congestion was actually also occur due to the behavior of impatient because they want to go ahead especially motorcyclists. As a result, four-wheeled vehicles are often stuck in the body of the railroad because it can not go forward and backward.
Community participation, especially road users not to break through the door is needed. As good as the regulations made and any heavy sanctions will not reduce the number of accidents diperlintasan for highway users are still breaking crossings.

Letter 2 : Beware, Drinking Water While Eating

You have the habit of drinking a lot when you're eating? It looks like you should immediately change the habit. Therefore, a sip of water when eating was found to inhibit the digestion in the stomach.

Counselors microbiotic of India, Shonali Sabherwal, say, when eating is not the right time to quench your thirst. "People do not know how to drink water while eating quite difficult for their digestion," said Sabherwal as quoted by the Times of India.

Research shows that drinking a little water during the meal is not a concern. However, drinking a glass or two glasses can interfere with digestion. The researchers found that it is best to drink water before a meal and two hours afterwards. This helps in the absorption of nutrients.
Sabherwal says that drinking water when eating can dilute the concentration of gastric acid (HCl). To digest food, your body requires a certain concentration of HCl. However, because they drink a lot of water, the concentration of HCl is reduced. As a result, only a few foods that can be digested by the body. This, if allowed to continue can cause various diseases.
Gastric acid, in addition to aid digestion also functions as an anti-bacterial. If the stomach is not working optimally, will be able to affect the work of other digestive organs become more severe, causing an imbalance of the body's metabolism.
In order to not feel hungry when eating, Sabherwal urged not to eat too many salty foods. "Make sure your food is not too salty because it will increasingly make thirsty," he said. So that digestion is still running well even without assisted by water, he suggested that chewing slowly. When chewing, mouth secretes enzymes that help digestion of food so that the task of the stomach to digest food becomes lighter.

Letter 1 : Problems and Potential Youths

Problems and Potential Youths
1. Problems Youths
Various problems that arise during the generation of these include:

a. Decreased mental idealism, patriotism, and nationalism among the community, including young soul.

b. This lack of certainty is experienced by young people towards their future.

c. Yet the imbalance between the number of young people with educational facilities available, both formal and informal. Tinggimya number of dropouts are not only detrimental to young people themselves, but also detrimental to the nation.
d. Underemployment and job opportunities as well as high levels of unemployment and underemployment among young people lead to reduced national productivity and slow down the pace of development of the national development and can cause a variety of other social problems.

e. Lack of nutrients that inhibit the development of intelligence, and growth.

f. Still many underage marriage.

g. Promiscuity which endanger the nation's moral foundations.

h. Rampant drug use among adolescents.

i. The absence of legislation concerning peraturanm younger generation.

In order to solve the above problems of the younger generation, it takes the efforts of a unified, focused and planning of the entire national potential to involve young people as subjects of development. Youth organizations that have done well is a potential that is ready to be involved in national development.

2. Potentials Youths

Potentials found in the younger generation to be developed are as follows:

a. Idealism and Critical Power

Sociologically, the younger generation has not been established in the existing order, so that he can see the flaws in the order and reasonably able to look for new ideas. The embodiment of ideals and critical power needs to be equipped runway balanced sense of responsibility.

b. Dynamics and Creativity

The existence of idealism in the younger generation, cause they have the potential dynamism and creativity, namely kemampaun and willingness to make changes, updates, and improvements to existing deficiencies or propose new ideas.

c. Courage to take risks

Change and renewal, including development, has risks can be missed, delayed or failed. However, it is necessary to take risks if you want to make progress. The younger generation may be involved in efforts to contain the risk. It required the readiness of knowledge, calculation, and the skills of the younger generation so that they can provide good quality to take risks.

d. The spirit of optimism and excitement

Failure does not cause young people discouraged. Optimism and excitement spirit that the young generation is a driving force to try to advance.

e. Independence and Discipline Pure Attitude

The younger generation has a desire to always be independent in attitude and actions. The attitude of independence it needs to be equipped with a consciousness of pure discipline on themselves so that they can be aware of the limits of reasonable and are considerate.

f. educated

Although the dropout factors into account, the overall good in the sense of qualitative and in quantitative terms, the younger generation is relatively more terpeljar because more open opportunity to learn from the preceding generation.

g. Diversity in Unity.

Diversity young generation is a reflection of the diversity of our society. Diversity can be a hindrance if it lived in a narrow and exclusive. However, the diversity of Indonesian society is a dynamic and creative potential if ditempatka in national integration framework that is based on the spirit of youth and similarities oath motto Unity in Diversity.

h. Patriotism and Nationalism

Fertilization sense of pride, love, and participate in the nation and the country has among the younger generation needs to be encouraged because it in turn will strengthen the spirit of devotion and their readiness to defend and maintain the Homeland of all forms of threats. With determination and spirit of this, young people need to be involved in every business and strengthening resilience and national defense.

i. attitude Knight

The purity of idealism, courage, spirit of service and sacrifice as well as a sense of social responsibility that tinngi are elements that need to be nurtured and developed among the younger generation of Indonesia as a defender and upholder of truth and justice for the people and nation.

j. Ability Mastery of Science and Technology

The younger generation can contribute useful for the development of science and technology when functionally can be developed as a transformer and a dynamic to the environment are more backward in science and pendidilkan and application of technology, whether developed, as well as simple.

The future of a nation lies in the hands of the youth or the younger generation because they will replace the previous generation in leading the nation. Therefore, young people need to be given in the form of science provision in accordance with the demands of the times, and keep the culture of his people.

Memo & Mail

1.      MEMO IS :
·         a hard-copy (sent on paper) document
·         used for communicating inside an organisation
·         usually short
·         contains To, From, Date, subject headings and Message sections
      does not need to be signed, but sometimes has the sender's name at the bottom to be more friendly, or the sender's full name to be more formal. If in doubt, follow your company style.
Memo writing is something of an art form. A letter is not a memo, nor is a memo a letter. A memo is a short, to the point communication conveying your thoughts, reactions or opinion on something. A memo can call people to action or broadcast a bit of timely news. With memo writing, shorter is better.
As with all writing, memo writing needs a structure. Because they are short, rambling meanderings will soon destroy the memo’s effectiveness and become a waste of productive time to those that read it and to the person who wrote it.
If you have something longer than a page, it’s better to send it as an attachment or a document that follows the memo used as a cover letter. Never make a memo too long. If someone takes a glance at a memo that appears to be too long, there’s a good chance it will be set aside for a time when they aren’t busy. This can defeat your memo’s purpose which is timely communication.
2.      MAIL :
The mail or post is a system for physically transporting documents and other small packages, as well as a name for the postcards, letters, and parcels themselves. A postal service can be private or public, though many governments place restrictions on private systems. Since the mid-19th century national postal systems have generally been established as government monopolies with a fee on the article prepaid. Proof of payment is often in the form of adhesive postage stamps, but postage meters are also used for bulk mailing. Modern private postal systems are typically distinguished from national postal agencies by the names "courier" or "delivery service".
Postal authorities often have functions other than transporting letters. In some countries, a Postal Telegraph and Telephone (PTT) service oversees the postal system as well as having authority over telephone and telegraph systems. Some countries' postal systems allow for savings accounts and handle applications for passports.

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